Thiru J.Rajendra Prasad is a leading educational list and philanthropist and he serves as the correspondent secretary of vysya college established in the year 1990 and it is affiliated to periyar university salem.

This is the first college getting accredited with the prestigious "a" grade by the NAAC in the year 2004 as a proof of the quality service, the college has been re- accredited with a grade by NAAC in the year 2011.

With this valuable experience and in fond remembrance of his father Thiru Jairam chettier he established Jairam educational trust in the year of 1998 and the Hi – Tech institution JAIRAM ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE in the year 2001.

The prime motto of this trust is to provide a valuable education with the high intention and purpose of helping human kind. Jairam arts and science college is located in the heart of the city, salem. it offers 13 UG courses, 3 PG courses and 2 M.Phil programmes. he has successfully completed 20 years of educational service. now more Then 2700 students are pursuing their graduation in Jairam arts and science college.

This multi – faceted personality, with his 21 years of experience in the field of higher education, has stepped in to another milestone Jairam public school for kinds in 2011. This school provides all Hi – Tech facilities, safe, secure and comfortable infrastructure with modern teaching methodologies. It ensures the Childs intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development and aims to produce successful, responsible creative, global citizens with moral values. In 2015 he started Jairam higher secondary school for the purpose of providing a standard education in the school level.

  Chairman message
  "Successful people don’t do different things: they do things differently"

Jairam arts and science college, serves with the motto "Right Knowledge Builds Modesty" to serve the humanity with core responsibility, is an attempt to influence the present generation. It has a steadfast attitude to maintain discipline at all levels and the gaining of wisdom would be through the path of knowledge.

Jairam arts and science college craves to serve noble values such as honesty, sincerity and dedication. we encourage students to aspire for cent percent discipline and to attain wisdom through knowledge.

We offer state of the art facilities and thereby follow innovative methods to reach intellectual excellence. the wards undergo a fraternal treatment irrespective of their caste, creed and colour, including those from the rural areas and other parts of the countries.

This helps them to develop into a responsible individual with utmost enlightenment, thereby improving the living standers of the people around them. the prime motive of the institution is to bestow value – based education along with a global standard of learning at an affordable fee.

Dear student, if you educate yourself for five years in a qualified institution, the rest of the fifty years of your life will be pleasurable and contented. to educate yourself is only once in your life. so you have to think it over and choose a well established institution.

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