(The Hi - Tech Institution)

Jairam Arts and Science College

Chinnathirupathi, Salem - 636008

Co.Ed. Affiliated to Periyar University, Tamil Nadu

DR.A.ARUMUGAM, M.Com., M.Phil., MBA., Ph.D., NET / SET - Principal

To seek, To strive, To find and not to yield

With the prime motto RIGHT KNOWLEDGE BUILDS MODESTY, our hi-tech institution bestows futuristic education with moral and ethical values. We encourage students to aspire innovative and creative minds. We make our students a responsible individual along with intellectual talents. We furnish students with well-equipped knowledge to render service for the society. We manifest perfection and discipline in the personality of students. Through our modernized and renowned teaching, we create learning thirst in students to shape and enhance their capability.

The advancement in science and technology has made the universe a global village. to meet the upcoming changes in the academic scenario, it is the prime commitment of the higher educational institutions to cater the students with well equipped knowledge.

The students of Jairam Arts and Science College are offered with ample opportunities to uplift their life style. The institution imparts resourcefulness, rational thinking, performing abilities considerations, and negotiations. The institution stresses strong impetus on the individual development of the students.

A well planned and detailed scheme of curriculum is presented through power point presentations in AV halls.Apart from Academic activities, we provide employability skill training programmes like soft skills training, communication skill training, aptitude training, memory training. Psychology training, bank exam training, competitive exam and general awareness programmes about indian leaders.